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Admin, could U please try to arrange a Q & A with Stemson?

A few of us here have some things that we would like to discuss with Stemson. They might be wasting time by trying to create lab-formed follicles at this point. There may be no point in wasting more years on studies to create lab-formed follicles. They may be able to enter phase 1 right now in Asia with what they have already achieved. The last study they did involved using a mix of human biologics and mouse biologics and they grew human hairs on mice. If they would pursued that rather than pursue that tech then they have already done enough science with animals that they could now enter human studies using their iPS cells to create induced human hair cells and injecting them into human scalps. They’re already ready to do that.

We need a Q & A with Stemson to let them know that TissUse is lapping them and they need to get the lead out.

We need to be able to draw their attention to the fact that Jahoda successfully grew hair on his wife’s arm by injecting uncultured hair follicle cells into her arm. We need to able to explain to them that this mean that all it will likely take is protecting the inductivity in the cells, which Stemson can do, and then they could probably already grow human hair on human scalps. Stemcell needs it explained to them that they have probably already achieved the tech to do that because by using iPS cells he can already create hair cells that are the equivalent of those uncultured hair cells that Jahoda grew with hair with all those years ago.

We need to explain to Stemson that more recently Jahoda and Christiano did another study wherein they used cultured hair cells that were partially inductive and they were able to create partial follicles.

Here are the facts:

  1. Jahoda’s uncultured hair cells retained ALL inductivity and they grew good hair when injected into skin.

  2. Intercytex and Aderans injected totally noninductive cultured cells into human skin and grew NO hair.

  3. So this tells us that there’s something about the culture process that prevented Aderan’s and Intercytex’s noninductive cells from growing hair.

  4. The scientists conducted physical analysis to investigate why Aderans’/Intercytex’s cultured hair cells wouldn’t grow hair and they determined the reason why Aderans and Intercytex failed and Jahoda succeeded is all about inductivity.

  5. They need to made to understand that the scientists who concluded that inductivity lost to culture is the problem has been essentially proven to be correct because Jahoda’s/Christiano’s more recent study established that by partially preserving inductivity during culture partial follicles can be achieved.

  6. In other words, not only is inductivity key to growing lost hair but the better you protect inductivty the better the follicles you can create AND Stemson can already 100% protect inductivtity in those cells. Stemson is already there. They need to put the damn microscopes and test tubes down and proceed with an Asian human study injecting their induced IPS DP cells.

  7. All they are doing by trying to create lab-formed follicles is wasting time and making the process more expensive than it needs to be because we already know from Jahoda’s first experiment that all Stemson has to do is inject fully induced hair cells into skin and that should grow hair. And they are already ready to do that.

Yes your right,be great to cure this "disease"and have a real option to stop the despair and misery this causes in a lot of people.

Long shot, will see what can be done, no promoise.