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Aderans before intercytex?


The method of eliciting hair growth that we are pioneering could only have been developed by a company like Aderans Research, which is able to focus on the biologic and scientific basis of hair regeneration. Only in this way can the central problem of hair restoration–the finite number of hair follicles–be overcome.

Achieving a bioengineered hair loss solution, is not many years away; in fact, it is likely that before the end of this decade patients will have access to hair multiplication technology. We anticipate that it will be, like many cosmetic procedures, a same-day, in-office procedure. Aderans Research is dedicated to solving the pervasive problem of hair loss. Using state-of-the-art cell engineering technology, our unique approach actually increases an individual’s number of hairs, thereby overcoming the main limitation of conventional transplantation.

Our cell engineering technique is a logical hair loss solution being developed to overcome the problem of insufficient hair supply. The vision of Aderans Research is to become the world leader in the research and development of safe, effective cell engineered products for hair regeneration. We have the people, the passion, the commitment and the company to make this vision a reality. ADERANS BEFORE INTERCYTEX IN THE MARKET? I BELIEVE THAT YES…:smiley: