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Acid Trip


10 years.

10 years I’ve been reading these forums. And I have always managed to resist the urge to register given the incredible amount of pointless infantile bickering going on here.

Until today.

I just read this. And you want to read this too,


And if you’re too lazy, maybe this will trigger your interest,

“I don’t think for one moment people thought this might be possible in humans,” says Chris Mason, professor of regenerative medicine at University College London. “Who would have thought that to reprogram adult cells to a pluripotent state just required a small amount of acid for less than half an hour – it’s an incredible discovery.”


These articles state that “no one’s figured out how to multiply dermal papillae cells”. Isn’t that what Aderans did?

Also - how many times have we read articles like these, stating “we’re one step closer to the cure” but that “further research is needed” and that “this technology is not yet ready to be used in humans”. It’s almost as if there was a template for these articles, and journalists merely filled in the names of the researchers who made the latest discovery…


If hair follicles don’t die and they become miniaturize, would dipping these sleeping cells into the acid restore them to an embryonic state