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ABC - NW 6 - 3000 fuht - 3 yr update & next HT


Dear forum readers,
This is another in a series of patients with extensive hairloss that chose various options to address the crown, top as well as frontal areas in their hair transplant.

Patient nickname - ABC

ABC is a true advanced Norwood 6 patient.
He underwent his first stage HT with us in 2005. 3000 graft FUHT procedure.

Details, pictures and videos of 2006 update are available at

This case was also discussed on hairsite forums at the time

Over the years, the patient has noticed very slow progression of his hairloss.

The forelock has thinned some and the sides have gone lower a bit.

He decided to fill in the temples and the crown area using a combination of scalp FUHT grafts (2417 grafts) and 151 beard hair grafts.

Dr. A


Wet hair picture



Dear forum readers,
Following are some pictures of ABC’s HT in 2008. The focus was the crown and the temples.

ABC’s beard donor area before extractions.

Dr. A