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A request to patients - how to take pictures

Dear forum readers,
I request all our patients as well as prospective patients going for online consultations about the accurate way to take pictures.

Accurate pictures go a long way in helping the doctor assess your current situation as well as for follow ups.

The ideal, practical way to take pictures is to take them in indirect bright daylight.

You may do that by taking the pictures standing in your balcony, anywhere outdoors or even near an open window on a bright sunny day.

Do not use the flash mode of the camera. That distorts the pictures.

If you belong to a country where sunlight is a precious and rare commodity, you may try taking the pictures in a well lighted room (lots of flourescent light tubes!).

The flash mode seems convenient but makes it very difficult for me to evaluate.

Flash mode makes your hairline look thicker than what it is, whereas it will make the top, crown and back areas look thinner than reality.

I know this means extra effort. And I appreciate that you take time and effort to send pictures to me.
I thought I will write down the ideal requirements here for widest possible disbursement.

Before I finish… another very good way to help me evaluate your status.

Whether you are going in for an online consult or sending me post op pictures, take a video in a well lighted environment.
Most digital cameras nowadays have that provision and it is easier to take ones own videos than to take ones pictures. A videoclip taken in a well lighted condition tells more than pictures.
When taking the video remember the requirements - do not take the video so close that it becomes difficult to orient.
Videoclips should be taken in mid distance so that I know the location of the eyebrows (for front and profile views) and the ears (for top and back views).

If you have any further queries on this topic please do not hesitate to post here or drop me an email.
Dr. A

Thank you for your wise words.

» Thank you for your wise words.

Yeah. People still dont take the words seriously enough.

» » Thank you for your wise words.
» Yeah. People still dont take the words seriously enough.

Everyone needs to take a shot from a birds eye view as well. This is the shot that is almost always missing.

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