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A question for the doctors


i recently saw someone who had a procedure called cosmetic head tattooing and i was totally amazed at the results. granted i wouldn’t recommend this procedure to anyone trying to create a full head of hair. however, with me, i am looking to hide a strip scar and camouflage a not so good hair transplant. if anyone is unfamiliar with the procedure here are a couple of links:



so here is the question… i want to go with the shaved look right now, however down the road i want to be able to get some real work done when i would decide to grow it out. would this procedure interfere with any future transplants that i would like to receive down the road? other than the possibility of creating a hairline much to low, i really don’t see too much of a risk, is that correct?


there is a lot of negativity to the use of tattoos for camouflage but maybe this is something to be revisited…interesting.


I have not heard very positive things about cosmetic head tattooing from the few I have spoken with who have had this done.


» I have not heard very positive things about cosmetic head tattooing from
» the few I have spoken with who have had this done.

I guess it depends on how much tattooing is going to cost compared to using fue to repair the strip scar. If it costs more or less the same as using a few hundred fue grafts to repair the scar, then fue is a far better solution.


I wouldn’t try to fix an overall MPB problem that way.

Especially when you ask yourself what happens if the ink fades over time. Imagine your head going blue-tinted at the same time that you’re also becoming much too bald to hide it . . .

But when it comes to camoflauge work on strip scarring I don’t think we have much to lose. FUE work is good but it usually has inconsistent graft survival into scar tissue. If tattooing helps then I say go for it.


I am no expert on this but tattooing the scar is like correcting one mistake with another mistake. I know people who easily spent thousands trying to get rid of tattoos they no longer want.


tattoo might work but you’ll also risk the possibility of adding one problem on top of another. tattoo is life time and may not always come out to your favour.

u can spend a little and maybe get grafts inserted into the scar via fue.

or borrow money and get a fue transplant and declare bankruptcy (oops, im exposed).