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A new Hair Loss Congress is coming

I don’t know if this has already been posted so if it has already been posted I apologize for my redundancy.

The next Hair Loss Congress will be on November 18, 2022.

The coming Hair Loss Congress will be 3 years and 7 months after the previous Hair Loss Congress on April 24, 2019. At the conclusion of the previous Hair Loss Congress the researchers said the obstacle to a cell-based cure for hair loss is the inductivity problem AND it would take a few years to solve that problem. Again, the next Hair Loss Congress will be 3 years and 7 months after the last Hair Loss Congress. The Time is ripe for breakthrough news. And even if researchers haven’t solved the inductivity problem YET there could still be big news from Stemson since their technology doesn’t require a solution to the inductivity problem.

How does everyone feel about the upcoming Hair Loss Congress?

I’d like to go there. It’ll be interesting to see what the different “players” present. Will Tsuji dare to show up, or are his plans completely dead? (I think they’re dead because it seems he was exaggerating his progress by a lot and that may have gotten him into financial trouble). Same with Replicel. Will Dr Christiano show us anything? What will dNovo and Stemson present?

Looks like Stemson and dNovo are leading the way… Christiano is all academics and no show. dNovo is the only one who has really display anything impressive and they are new to the field. Can’t wait to see pictures of human hair growing on bald pigs and then phase 1. Also, dNovo seem to be very confident that they have the solution.

I’m thinking that Tsuji never truly solved the inductivity problem. Stemson has a work-around for the inductivity problem and dNovo might have a solution to the inductivity problem as well but I’m not as sure dNovo has a solution to the inductivity problem.

I have not seen anything establishing that dNovo has solved the inductivity problem associated with growing hair on human heads from cells. I have seen a pic of alleged hair growth on a mouse using their tech but I’m not even sure they’re a legit company. If they’re a legit company it seems like they would be moving their tech to human trials, or at least big mammal trials since their mouse photographic evidence indicates they have already accomplished all that they can accomplish in the mouse studies. If they’re legit it’s time for them to advance to the next animal or humans. Keep in mind that all dNovo has done so far is grow hair on mice. Growing hair on mice is easy. It’s been done in labs for decades. If I had the right equipment I could probably do it in my home by using studies in the public domain for directions. And the equipment needed probably isn’t even very sophisticated or expensive. With that in mind, isn’t it possible that dNovo is a scam company made up of people who study publicly available mouse/hair studies to acquire the directions for growing hair on mice, buy some unsophisticated lab equipment, grow hair on a mouse, take pics, and then scream that you can grow hair and ask for donations?

Does dNovo even have a physical address? Do they even have space in a building where they do their research/mouse studies in?

Good legit questions jarjarbinx.

the congress only has ONE keynote speaker ???!!!


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