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A few Folica/wounding thoughts


Including the hair waxing 3 days beforehand, I’m now around 2 weeks into my project of playing with Leflunomide.


I did dermabrasion with sandpaper and used oral Leflunomide. Some areas were only mildly scraped, but others were damn near scarring-level wounds. (There is NO DOUBT that I abraded a few spots as deeply as Folica could possibly risk selling to the public. I was hitting blood in a few places.)

Most areas were done 4 days before the EGF-R inhibition, but a few small ones were done during the EGF-R dosing.

As for potentially interfering with the healing process, NO TOPICALS WERE USED AT ALL. The EGF-R inhibition was all with oral pills. I even washed my hair with nothing but plain water during that time.

Comments now:

I don’t know much. It’s too early to tell. There are definitely some faint dots and wisps of hairs starting in the abraded area, but nothing worth photographing yet. I’m at least confident that this medication/wounding is not any danger to leave an area worse than it started.

But this is interesting: The most promising signs of new hairs are occurring at the absolutely deepest-wounded spot that was also wounded DURING the EGF-R inhibition (not a few days before it).

It’s not enough to convince me to throw out the waiting period principle. But it is enough to make me think we should be experimenting with wounds during EGF-R as much as the waiting period attempts.

Also interesting: For a few days of the early healing period, the few areas in that category (deep wounds, and made during the EGF-R inhibition period) seemed to perceptibly “swell up” compared to the surrounding skin. Certainly not much swelling, but more than none at all. And it was more than the other dermabraded areas were doing, even some very deep areas.

If nothing else, this effort has convinced me that just raw dermabrasion may be worth something for us. Even if the EGF-R inhibition doesn’t prove to do anything, the faint dots/wisps of regrowth I’m starting to see are enough to surpass a lot of fraudulent hair loss crap that is being sold at a profit.

It ain’t much. But at barely 2 weeks it’s already more than nothing.


Thanks for keeping us posted.

Ive told a couple of people at HLT that there were two guys at hairsite who were attempting the abrasion/egf inhibition “the right way” with synthetic drugs mentioned in the patent, so they could perhaps check here and see if you folks were successful.

I really think its just a matter of time. When you think about it, they were able to replicate experiment number 7 several times, and got human hairs on human skin on various SCID mice. Even if they have to interdict the immmune system or block an extra pathway or two, or agonize another IN VIVO, they WILL find what needs to be done to replicate the results in humans. The fact that this is being tested at Harvard says volumes to me. If I could pick anywhere in the world for this methodology to be tested and looked into, that would be the place. It says to me that they are very confident.

I hope TAGOHL and yourself have success. My little side trip with lidocaine hasn’t produced anything yet. I’d give it a few more weeks, but frankly I didnt’ expect success with it—but thought I could eliminate another variable. The milk thistle wounds have had plenty of time and produced no hair. So we can mark that off. Best of luck with it Cal, and we appreciate the update. :ok:


cal, did the waxing took care of those really small (<2mm) minitaurized hair? From what I’ve heard, waxing is effective on hair that are at least 3-4mm in length. Because if the waxing didn’t actually remove all those minitaurized hair then the chances of regrowth in those follicles are quite low because the follicles could still be sitting in catagen/telogen phase.


Just curious, would liquid nitrogen work for wounding? At least you wouldn’t cut the skin and scar.


Good to hear cal. If it’s Day 14 as you say, according to the patent, HF cells have probably only just appeared. Next week or two should be interesting. I’m still waiting for tannic acid to do my next session. I’m going to wax, wait 3 days, then use Nioxin Scalp Renew as the dermabrasion. 4 Days later I will use a topical of tannic acid, lithium and caffeine dissolved in dmso and mixed into emu oil. At about Day 20, I will introduce minoxidil and cease with the EGFR inhibition.
Keep us apprised m8.


Oh if it’s Day 14 including 3 days before wounding, that makes it Day 11 post wounding. There will probably be no evidence even of HF cells yet. What you are seeing are probably rejuvenated existing follicles.
But I’ll be very interested in your progress.


I did the EGF-R inhibition orally, so it’s the same time period for that step everywhere. Some areas were wounded before and other areas were wounded during. I’m not at two weeks yet in most wound areas.

As for waxing, I probably didn’t get the smallest hairs, only the larger ones.

But the fact is that depilation to get hairs that small is gonna have to be either waxing or something chemical, and I didn’t want to throw ANY topical chemical into the mix. Not even several days beforehand. So I just waxed the areas off and left it at that.

(Would chemical hair remover several days beforehand have ruined the results? IMO it’s 95% not likely. But like I’ve said over & over again, my attempt has nothing to do with getting the best growth and everything to do with nailing down whether this will work at all. ALL extra variables had to be removed even at the expense of the quality of the results.)