A 79 - an interesting case (992 FUSE grafts repair case)

Dear forum readers and fellow HT doctors,

This case illustrates what I have been trying to impress upon my peers.
Short term so called training programmes are resulting in spawning of clinics who go ahead to perform hair transplant in the misplaced belief that they have been trained.

The irony of this case is that -

  1. The patient is a doctor himself

  2. The surgeon who performed his previous HT is a member of various organizations including ISHRS.

  3. A 79 went through the surgery thinking that a fellow doctor will never betray his trust.

  4. He assumed that the doctor being a member of the organizations ensured that he will get a minimum standard of care.

That he did not get what he expected and was put in a situation worse than what he was in makes this case ironic.

The reason I call it interesting is because there are many people in situation similar to him who would find this helpful.

Dr. A

I often feel that cases presented on the forums should be discussed in detail so that the readers and doctors both benefit from it.

But for now I am presenting a few before after pictures and would request readers to pick on the flaws and the repair if they can.

Dr. A

A 79 - Before repair video (992 FUSE grafts repair case)

A 79 - an interesting case (992 FUSE grafts repair case) from Arvind poswal on Vimeo.