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980 CIT grafts at 19 months - RESULTS

This 33 year old patient featured below was a class 3A, potentially class 5, who originally considered the strip (FUT) hair transplant method before coming to our clinic in June of 2006. The patient’s goal was to restore the frontal hair line, strengthen the forelock, and advance the fronto-temporal recessions to a more youthful appearance. Our surgical staff successfully transplanted 980 grafts via CIT (Cole isolation technique).

CIT is a minimally invasive hair transplant method. Unlike traditional strip surgery, it does not leave patients with linear scars in the donor area (back and sides of head). The CIT grafts were strategically placed into the scalp with careful consideration for potential future hair loss. Our focus was to place finer one-hair grafts at the leading edge of the hairline, together with progressively larger follicular groups used behind the “front line” for increased volume. The end result is the most natural cosmetic effect possible. This patient now can wear his hair longer or shorter and without the fear of revealing a linear donor scar from a scalpel incision. We deliver superlative, natural results with fewer transplanted grafts. The patient’s results are excellent; his goals have been more than surpassed at 19 months post-op. Below you will see follow-up photos taken days ago.

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Not bad but do you have better pics cant see much on those.

I can’t tell anything from these pics. Do you have better pics?

These Pics are pathetic. Please if you have to post results do so in a professional manner.

Thank you

» These Pics are pathetic. Please if you have to post results do so in a
» professional manner.
» Thank you

As I stated before, this patient sent his progess photos to us just days ago. In this case, the patient was more comfortable with me presenting his photos online. He also wishes that I share his testimony with the hair loss community as he is truly enjoying his growth. This friendly patient’s words are below:

“Hey I could not be any happier with my hair, Dr Cole’s work blew my expectations out of the water. When my hair started coming back, so did my self esteem. I lost around fifty pounds and feeling great. The Proscar has worked wonders, it has regrew all the hair I lost in the back. I may eventually come back and get some more areas filled in, but I am totally satisfied right now with what I have. I attached a few pictures that I found, I hope you can see the progress from them. Kudos to you guys!”

Raider’s Fan

Glad to hear someone is being helped and lives are being touched. Other than the bad photos from the patient, the better photo of the right-side hairline is amazing. great job CIT

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