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6th day pictures (Amilcar's third iteration)

Hello @ll,

Please let me know your comments about the 6th day pix. I remind you that this is an All-natural treatment.


2nd part of pictures (6th day/3rd iteration).

3rd part of pix

N.B: All-natural treatment + Alcohol for extraction and stabilization
+Night application of Fluoride (sensodyne since 3 days)

4th part of pix

5th part of pix, as I theorized previously, the re-growth pattern should be a return back in time, i.e., last to fall is first to re-grow. This pattern is somehow justified by an anaolgy with/to the study about ‘full’ recovery of smelling capacities for smokers that quitted smoking.

Thus, a subject that suffers Alopecia (particularly AGA) since 10 years should require at-least 10 years of the suggested treatment herein to recover a ‘full’ head of hair with this ‘almost’ all-natural treatment.


If you believe that, I hope you’ll follow through on your experiment over the long term.

Are you going to use a DHT blocker as well?

Best of luck anyway!


I took ~1/4 of proscar/day in 2002-2003
I took nizoral cream and shampoo in 2012.
I regulary take a natural regimen with components deemed by scientific journals as Dht mitigators and/or anti inflammatory agents and/or anti-oxydants.

Happy to talk to you.

I also took anti-biotics

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