6000 uGraft for Scar, Crown and Hairline- Dr Umar

Due to the large scar and poor coverage which resulted from his strip procedure, this patient decided to undergo a subsequent repair procedure at Dermhair Clinic.

The grafts from the initial strip surgery did not produce the desired levels of yield that the patient had initially hoped for.

His hairline continued to look receded. And his crown remained bald.
6,000 grafts were needed to help the patient achieve coverage for his scar, his hairline and his crown.

However, patients who want correctional repair procedures are often faced with the challenge of having insufficient numbers of donor follicles left on their scalp. This of course, is the consequence of their initial procedure using a significant portion of their available grafts.

Nonetheless, Dr. Umar was able to acquire the necessary donor pool volume by relying on the patient’s beard area.

Non head hair extractions require a specialized approach as opposed to using standard FUE tools and techniques. This is due to two primary reasons:

(1) the unique growth angles and possible curvatures which make it difficult to accurately encompass the hair follicle with a regular Follicular Unit Extraction punch. Misaligned placements may damage the follicle.

(2) the demand for the highest standards in wound healing on the donor surfaces. Patients would obviously not want to have any traces of scars or marks on such visible areas like the face.

For these reasons, Dr. Umar created a system of tools and surgical protocols known as uGraft which has been designed to address these two challenges.
Ugraft offers a reliable way to perform advanced versions of Follicular Unit Extraction to acquire body hair follicles.

For this patient, Dr. Umar was able to insert the donor grafts according to the natural patterns of growth within the target regions.
As a result, this patient was able to achieve his coverage goals as well as a desired cosmetic quality.

The patient’s video is posted here as well as on this page -click here for more info.

6000 all beard? that’s a lot. Talk about 6000 holes?? How was his post op healing?

Very nice result, especially the deep filling of the temple areas. What percentage of grafts were beard and head? Thanks.

The breakdown of graft types used for this patient’s procedure is as follows:
(1) 3431 grafts from the beard
(2) 2574 grafts from the head (342 grafts of this subset were taken from the nape)