4500 grafts done by Sapphire FUE at Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Turkey

I did a hair transplant at this clinic in January 2021.

The whole thing from start to finish was a dream - someone at the airport to meet me, taken in a branded car to an amazing hotel, picked up the next day and taken to the hospital which is modern and beats anything you see in the UK. The building is a purpose built clinic, the staff are absolutely amazing. The operation itself went well - I had a detailed consultation before and had someone looking after me the whole time. The doctors are amazing, I was comfortable the whole day, had breaks for meals great food, they really can’t do enough for you. After the operation I was taken back the hotel to rest. Follow up the next day and more consultations and the opportunity to buy stuff for the aftercare - don’t worry about this - it’s all necessary wherever you do it and they are not pushy at all - they just give you the advice for aftercare and the opportunity to buy stuff at a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK.

I had two follow up Oxygen treatments which I researched beforehand and are definitely worth while. I was then taken to the airport to board my flight home.

There were no surprises, the quality of treatment, care and surroundings are far better than I have ever seen in the UK and would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Also note I did this at the height of the COVID pandemic - I felt far safer in Turkey than I did in the UK, I had a COVID test when I arrived and another before I left. Istanbul is a lovely city - very clean, safe and modern - I took a walk to one of the shopping malls next to the hotel two days after op and was impressed.

They have translators with you the whole time - I saw people there from France and Germany on the same day who had native speaking people with them - in fact there were 7 operations the day I was there and I saw the people afterwards and they seemed as happy as I was.

The only question everyone has asked me since I got home is DID IT HURT??? Just before the op they did few small injections in your head which are not pleasant but not PAINFUL and as the anaesthetic kicks in the pain goes - so maybe 30 seconds of discomfort (exactly the same sensation as when you have botox) During the op I was awake and comfortable and I haven’t had the slightest bit of pain during or since. The senior doctors checked on everything meticulously around every 15 minutes from start to finish every step of the day and their attention to detail is amazing.

The after care is great - they made it clear they will support me for the next year, they always respond immediately when I sent a WhatsApp and they gave me impeccable instructions for what to do after the op which isn’t that complicated - I was in the shower the day afterwards.

Again I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough - everyone I came in contact with from my medical consultant Furkan who I drove mad with daily questions over the period of weeks before the op, to Ahmed who coordinated all my movements in a regimented manner, to Paula who looked after me on the day, to all the doctors and junior doctors who performed the op (I had one doctor and three junior doctors) and all the drivers that ran me around who always arrived on time following a message with car details - the cars are all new and branded the drivers drive properly and really look after you. Everyone is just charming, the hotel was amazing, breakfast is included and the days you are not eating at the clinic you can order room service for very little money - my room bill was £15 and that was three dinners with drinks! It ran like clockwork and there were no surprises - in fact it was too good to be true. So if you are considering a hair transplant just do it - its the best thing I ever did and I look ten years younger already. Nearly three years on my hair is as full and as thick as ever.

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Not even a picture ?

I think a picture can really make the difference to see the results or outcome of 4500 grafts of FUE Sapphire surgery…