4500 Graft | Hair Upload Clinic | Amazing Result 5 Months | Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ

Today so far 148 days from operation. (These photos taken 143rd days) The Doctor Erkam CAYMAZ used Sapphire Fue tech.4500 grafts were transplanted, but it would be better if 6000 grafts of hair were transplanted doc sad. I was Nw 6. Everyone keeps praising the people who performed the operation on him. I just wanted to share my photos. And I’m doing this on request.
Maybe I can have the second session done in the future, but the process needs to be seen.

i really appreciate Dr. Erkam Caymaz and his team.

There are so many unknown clinics and doctors that people learned on reddit, a few doctors keep repeating them. Those who see it will think they are the only good surgeon. Let people see variety, let people do their evidence-based research while researching.

Good luck!

Today, 6,5 months so far Result. I am so happy.

Here are 7 months result. I am so happy.

Here are 11 months result. I really recommend Doctor Erkam CAYMAZ!