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4500 Graft | Hair Istanbul | Result 18 Months | Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ

Hello everyone, I’m Sergio from Spain. My Business is Photography. They specifically requested the logo to be added to the photos. Also, what I wrote below is entirely my own thoughts. I just wanted to share my photos about the process. It’s been 18 months. I had for a density operation.
I had 4500 grafts hair transplantation. Dr. I had heard about Erkam CAYMAZ, but I was undecided whether to get it done or not. There are many clinics in Istanbul. It was operated by Dr. Caymaz on a Spanish friend. It was one of the biggest factors.

Anyway, one of the most important factors was Mr. Enes , whom I talked about beforehand that he had 1-2 operations a day. I didn’t believe it, but it was true. They don’t say that 1-2 Vip Operation is in vain. You really feel important. Everyone just cares about you. They and Dr. Caymaz doing his job well, the rest is up to you. By the way, Dr. Caymaz opened my hair channels and surprised me that he was using 2 hands. Good surgeons, though, operate with both hands.

In addition, post-operative follow-up is really important. They follow very nicely regularly. I wondered and asked if they had photographed them, and I will share it.
The reason I emphasized this is that many clinics forget you after performing your operation and do not even answer your questions. Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ’s clinic is very successful in that regard.
Other things are like other clinics. Don’t research too much. I am really happy about the results.
My process was a really important one. I had a shock hair loss process. During this time, they constantly followed what I had to do.

Let me assign some photos that I couldn’t add, hope you better understand my process and not worry.

I hope i will choose this Doc. but i am researching already. How was your criteria for Doc?
I know that lots of Doc and lots of Techician doing operation in Istanbul. I will choose one of Doctor exactly but i confused some technician’s result is good. If i choose technician my result will be like them or not, i have no idea.
I saw that Dr.Caymaz result on his instagram page but i don’t know who is he so i have to research still too.
Thanks for sharing.

Donor area looks over harvested…

I didn’t know it, but I saw him as a good surgeon. He is already opening the hair channels using both hands. Isn’t that amazing? They plant very often. You don’t need to do a lot of research. If you want a good surgeon, you can choose.

It was Shock-Hair-Loss. It seems yes but;
I uploaded photos of my last results. You can see my donor area. It is not over harvested. It is only 4500 graft, no over harvest from 4500 graft. They already said that my donor capacity was much more.

Thanks, i got it.It seems you are right.

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