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4.5 years on propecia

Been on propecia for 4.5 years.

In the latter 2 years, i’ve alternated with Dutas.

I shampoo my hair everyday.

All in all, it put a ‘pause’ on further hairloss.

Only in the first year of taking propecia did I see an increase in hair density. By density, i mean the hair shafts which were on their way to being miniturized into peach fuzz promptly began to grow in thicker and thicker in cycles. Hair that I had lost prior to getting onto propecia did not grow back in any great quantity. This underlines the importance of taking propecia as soon as hair loss is noticed - do not wait.

I recommend keeping hair short and clean.

I have read tons on male pattern hair loss. My understanding is that DHT causes some kind of immunological response to the hair follicle. The immune system begins destroying the hair and causes inflamation (that itcy feeling many people losing their hair descibe). Studies have shown that people with crown balding have a high rate of heart disease. Heart disease is also tied in with immunological processes according to the research I’ve read.

does fin still work for you after 4.5 years?

wow damn…i use it about 4 years now too. holy shit! next year its 5 years and generally you say after 5 years it may stop to work.

generally you say so! i hope it will work longer for me.

or i will need an alternative.

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