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3700 Grafts 1 Surgery : Sure Hair Transplants


Hi Everyone:

Just want to present a case for everyone. This is a NW 4 - received 3700 grafts in One Pass. Please take a look and any questions and comments will be answered if any.


It really looks like a wow result.


Thanks for the comments. I will continue to post photos and videos of our Clinic’s work!


What kind of average final density are we looking at in the frontal 1/3rd (number of grafts & hairs per-cm2)?

The off-camera voice says this man’s hair characteristics are rather coarse. Are they way thicker in the shafts than most caucasians?


Hi Cal:

You are looking at abour 35FU/CM 2 on average on this gentleman - the hairline around 45fu/cm and through to the mid scalp around 20 FU/cm 2 or so.

This gentleman did still have some hair in the mid scalp which is why you don’t see any density discrepancies between the mid scalp, frontal 1/3 or crown.

The voice of camera is me. He most definitely had above average coarse caliber hair which also helped in achieving such a great result. The major challenge in his case was to produce such a natural and fine hairline as he had such coarse hair.

The funny story about this guy is that he had not done any research, came in on a Saturday and we had a cancellation Monday and he took the date on a discount. He told me “I really didn’t expect much more hair then before” lol