3200 Grafts FUE - Prohairclinic Belgium

Patient information :
age : 47
Slow hair loss since 30 years of age
Never use anti hair loss products

Prohairclinic recommended :
FUE hair transplantation zone 1-2-3 with ± 30 grafts per cm added to the existing hairs. We opted for a lower density in order to avoid shock loss of the original hairs
Patient has also started using Nanoxidil in order to strengthen his original hairs

Treatment :
2 day treatment
3200 grafts where transplanted
Extractions : Manual extractions using 0.75 mm punch
Implantation : manual implantation using a dedicated left and right handed assistant

Results shown : 10 months after his first treatment

About Prohairclinic
First European clinic using FUE only since 2004
100% manual procedures only for quality reasons
International documented cases pictures+HD video

Patient will return for a second treatment in order to transplant the crown area, ± 1500 grafts will be used.

This is a very nice result.

The video

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