3038 Grafts (6462 Hairs) - FUE Hair Transplant - Dr. Rahal

This patient had 3038 grafts (6462 hairs) via FUE with Dr. Rahal in August of 2020. He is very happy with his results. See the surgical details and hair count breakdowns below.

&&& Zone 1,2,3,4,5 (partial) &&&

Recipient Area Size - 70.5 cm2

1 Haired FUs - 453
2 Haired FUs - 1788
3 Haired FUs - 755
4 Haired FUs - 42

Total Grafts - 3038
Total Hairs - 6462

Average Hairs Per Graft - 2.1
Recipient Graft Density - 43
Recipient Hair Density - 91

This patient started losing hair around 17 years of age but waited until he was 38 to undergo hair transplant surgery. He started taking finasteride a few months prior to his procedure and continued taking it post-op. He also used Rogaine once daily after his procedure.

His family history of hair loss includes advanced balding patterns on his mother’s side as high as a Norwood class 6 and thinning on his father’s side as high as a Norwood class 3.


You can see his results below.


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excellent result very lucky guy