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3001 Grafts (6277 Hairs) - FUE Hair Transplant - Dr. Rahal

This patient has 3001 grafts (6277 hairs) via FUE with Dr. Rahal.

He was 23 years old at the time of his hair transplant and was experiencing hair loss since he was 21.

He wasn’t using any hair loss medication before his hair transplant but did start taking finasteride and Rogaine post-hair transplant. He also underwent Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) at the time of his procedure.

His family history ranges from a Norwood class 3V on his paternal side and a Norwood class 4A on his maternal side.

While 23 years of age is quite young, Dr. Rahal felt that the patient was a good candidate given his established hair loss pattern and lifetime available donor hair (calculated). The patient also agreed to take medication, is aware of the risks of future hair loss and understands that he will likely require subsequent procedures in the likely event he loses additional hair.

See his hair count breakdown and surgical details below.

Surgical Type - FUE
Zones treated - 1,2,3,4
Recipient Area Size - 79cm2

1 haired FUs - 493
2 haired FUs - 1790
3 haired FUs - 668
4 haired FUs - 50

Total Grafts - 3001
Total HAIRS - 6277

Average Hair per Graft - 2.1
Recipient graft Density - 37 FU/cm2
Recipient Hair Density - 80 FU/cm2

We look forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transplant



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Great results of FUE hair transplant surgery by the grafting of 3001 grafts by DR Rahal …

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