3000+ Ht with Dr Arvind

Hello everyone,

Jim here, just letting you all know im 27 a nw2 goin on 3 from Australia. I started thinning at 16 and the only treatment i have used for 10 years has been nizoral. Which seems to have slowed it down substantilly.

I will be getting mostly head hair and some finer BHT to lower my hair line 1 cm and a bit, also to thicken up the thinning area behind this in the MW2-3 area and strengthen my temple points.

I have completed 2 days so far and approximately 2700 grafts have been placed already.

So far everthing has gone smoothly here and india and the docs team work is fantastic as their is usally 2 -3 people working on you at once.

I have requested the dr A to take plenty of before photos and during photosd which he will hopefully be posting here for me.

I will keep you updated on my progress and definetely 6 month and 12 month results in future.

Dear JK,
I have enumerated the salient features of your procedure and attached some pictures.
Let me know if you wish me to attach any additional pictures.

Total number of grafts - 3781.
Procedure lasted over 3 consecutive days, starting around 10 am and finishing around 6 pm each day.

Day 1 - 1235 grafts,
Day 2 - 1547 grafts,
Day 3 - 999 grafts.

Scalp grafts = 2956 grafts

558 chest grafts and 216 abdomen grafts totalling 774 truncal grafts.

Therefore, approximately 20% of the total graft composition was from the body donor areas.

In addition, 51 beard area grafts were transplanted at jk’s request to help him assess the healing as well as whether the beard hair become conspicous after growth.

Dr. A

Day 2 intra operative picture

End of Day 3 pictures

As per request, I have uploaded 2 pictures of the freshly extracted donor area sites.

In the picture, you see a 26 gauge needle for size comparison.
The hypodermic needles are universally color coded as per diameters.
26 gauge needle has a diameter of 0.45 mm.

You may notice that the correct pattern has been adhered to. I feel that is a very important consideration that should be kept in mind while performing the extractions.

Dear forum readers,
Following are some comparative donor hair pictures of JK’s extracted grafts.

Dr. A

Hello Dr A,
In your comparison,are you suggesting your punch size is 0.45mm ?
Or do you use a bigger punch that gives you holes of 0.45mm?

If anyone has any questions about my procedure and my post opp healing feal free to ask as im going through it now and today is day 0 of recovery !!

Ill just say that the 50 beard hair extractions from my neck can hardly be felt or noticed from the FUSE extraction 10 hours ago. Their just a few little red specks that actually look like shaveing rash …

Hi jk

Why didn’t you go to Dr Woods ? Just wondering why you went all the way to India when Woodsie is in your backyard ?