3000 grafts at Vera Clinic in Istanbul Turkey

My experience with Vera clinic was simply fantastic. The whole process start to finish was seamless, from being picked up in a private transfer and being taken to the airport, to having the actual procedure itself.

All the staff were very kind and informative, and they helped me with any questions that I had.

The clinic itself was incredibly clean, and had a very nice cafe area where you could wait.

As part of my package, I was put up in a 5 star luxury hotel, on the 19th floor overlooking Istanbul, the view was amazing.

The procedure itself was amazing, it was pain free for 99% of it, I actually fell asleep! The doctor and technicians were very thorough, but quick at the same time.

The aftercare I received from Vera was also amazing. I had 1-2-1 contact at any time with their consultants, who could help me with any questions that I had along the way.

All in all, I would recommend Vera clinic to anyone that is thinking of getting a hair transplant. They were extremely professional, and affordable too. My brother actually went for his hair done after he saw the results of mine, and he too went with Vera clinic and received the exact same level of service that I received.

Great work Vera clinic.

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This is very good to see the result of 3000 grafts ,excllent to see … amazing