3000 Grafts (7144 Hairs) - FUE Hair Transplant - Dr. Rahal

This patient underwent FUE hair transplant surgery with Dr. Rahal in August of 2020. He had 3000 grafts (7144 hairs) in the frontal area of his scalp (zones 1-5). His surgical details can be found below.

&&& Zone 1,2,3,4,5 &&&

Recipient Area Size - 80cm2

1 Haired FUs - 454
2 Haired FUs - 1256
3 Haired FUs - 982
4 Haired FUs - 308

Total Grafts - 3000
Total Hairs - 7144

Average Hairs Per Graft - 2.4
Recipient Graft Density - 37.5
Recipient Hair Density - 89

This patient was 48 years of age at the time of his FUE procedure and started losing hair in his late 20s. To help maintain his existing natural hair, he started taking finasteride immediately before surgery and started taking Rogaine afterwards.

According to the patient, his family history of hair loss is minimal on both sides (Norwood Class 2 or 3 at the most).

You can see his results below.



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