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30 Grafts of Leg Hair Gives Patient New Long Eyelashes- Results By Dr. Umar

This patient had undergone an eyelash transplantation procedure. Before and after images of her surgery are shown below. She was unhappy with having short lashes that grew straight instead of an upward curve. Although the common solutions to this issue include: false lashes, extensions and prescriptions, the patient wanted a permanent option which would be more convenient.

The Use of Leg Hair For Eyelashes

Dr. Umar recommended using leg hair as opposed to the more common choice of head hair. Leg hair is much thinner. And it grows fairly short which reduces the need for frequent trimming.

Also, leg hair does not shed, unlike most other hair transplant grafts which fall out soon after the procedure. Patients can continue to see the newly inserted hair without interruption, instead of having to wait three to four months until a new growth cycle begins.

Harvesting follicles from the legs requires more advanced Follicular Unit Extraction tools. Leg and body hair in general are more susceptible to damage due to their sharp and varied angles of growth. Therefore a more specialized design beyond the basic cylindrical punch is needed to maintain the viability of the grafts. Furthermore, body surfaces are much more visible to the eye. And even the smallest scars would be noticeable.

Dr. Umar’s Advanced FUE uGraft system includes features which address these issues. For eyelash transplantation, grafts can be safely removed from appropriate areas like the legs. And donor surfaces are able to heal with very negligible scarring (if any) which remains.

Dr. Umar was able to apply the use of special needles to help create a natural looking eyelash curve for this patient’s results. Perming is not necessary. However some patients may still choose to further enhance the upward arch.

This patient’s outcome was created 30 grafts of leg hair applied to each eye. She says that other people started noticing her longer lashes as early as one month following her procedure.

The patient’s video along with her testimony can be accessed here. http://www.dermhairclinic.com/eye-lash-transplant-results-leg-hair/

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