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3,300 grafts in one session with Dr. Lindsey of Reston, Virginia

Hello all.
This is my first post on this website and my second post in total. I am new to the internet and hope you will bear with me.

I would like to present this patient who came to my Virginia office 18 months. He had extensive loss throughout the top of his scalp and had worn a hairpiece that killed whatever remaining hair he had.

Thankfully he had a rather good donor area and thick caliber hairs.

We transplanted 3,300 graft using strip techniques and present his photos here. He has scheduled for a second surgery to fill in the top and to address the crown a bit.

I apologize if some of the photos are poor quality as they had to be scanned into the computer from stadard glossy copies. I have since purchased a quality digital camara and future photos should be superior.

Any feedback is appreciated

William Lindsey, MD
Reston, Virginia
Strip/FUE Hair Transplantation



Dr. Lindsey,

Welcome to HairSite. Thanks for sharing your patient’s results.

That’s a good cosmetic effect for this number of graft even though there is a bit of a combing over going on but that is understandable. will the patient go for more?

Most of us really appreciate good honest shots. Birds eye views are always good and good luck with the new camera. If it is possible to show the details of an HT by showing what was and what was not covered that will be great.

A lot of us are also interested in FUE. is that part of your practice?

it’s great to see more surgeons posting results! Most surgeons close their practice withn weeks of joining the forum so good luck;-)

how do I edit out my spelling mistakes. You have removed that function, it seems which is a bit dyslexist.

» how do I edit out my spelling mistakes. You have removed that function, it
» seems which is a bit dyslexist.

Edit function is temporarily disabled, hopefully my programmer will restore that very soon.

Spelling mistakes have been corrected. Were you drinking when you made that post ? :slight_smile:

Thank you hairsite.

Macro, Thank you for your comments. Yes, he has grown his transplants out quite long and covered his crown with it. We will be taking the photos you requested from here on it. Until we started posting photos we didn’t routinely take intraoperative photos. You will find our presentations improving as we learn to use new software and digital camera.

Yes I do FUE at $8 per graft. I will be posting a one year post op patient in a few days.

William Lindsey, MD

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