3,090 FUE at 10 months post-op on NW III : Results by Patrick Mwamba, MD

This male Norwood 3 patient is in the 20’s and began noticing hair loss as soon as 16 years of age. With medium, slightly wavy blonde hair and average donor density, the patient came to Dr. Patrick Mwamba to restore the recession on the frontal hair line. To successfully treat the patient, Dr. Patrick Mwamba transplanted 3,090 FUE/FIT with Platelet-rich Plasma, Acell, and hyaluronic acid. Also recommended and utilized were minoxidil, finasteride, and whey protein plus vitamins of Help Hair.

Hair transplant surgery is only one solution to a complex problem. It is very important for the patient to commit to maximal medical therapy as hair loss can progress. Below are the 10-month follow-up results from the minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Patrick Mwamba and his elite surgical team at MYWHTC’s state-of-the-art facility in Belgium.

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It’s amazing so many doctors are using PRP recently. someone please feel free to prove me wrong but the problem is that it is still hard to quantify whether there are real benefits adding PRP or not.