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3.014 grafts - strip+fue - hdc medical


Hello to everybody, it is a pleasure to share with the forum the partial result obtained by one patient through his procedure at the HDC clinic, the details are as follows:

Method: Strip+FUE

No grafts: 3.014

Here it is possible to examine the feedback from the patient:

The objetive was to repair the previous procedure, extract the old plugs, around 100, with FUE and repair the scar with the tricophitic method.

This are the photos of the procedure from before to 5 months after



2 Months:

3 Months:

4 Months:

5 Months:


Great, honest documentation and thankyou for showing what can be expected from the donor scar so clearly. Good looking result too!!


Good before and after pics but I find it hard to believe this is only 3000 grafts? Look at the holes in the post op pics, it has to be more than 3000 grafts.


The plugs repair was near flawless, did the doctor re-use the old plugs that were removed?


Great results. Especially considering what had to be fixed up.