2850 FUE Grafts To Achieve Hair Transplant Repair—Dr. Umar

Before Surgery:

• Previous strip harvesting surgery
• Previous follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure
• Subpar yield, distorted hairline, and strip scar were the results
• Patient desired a hairline restoration, denser temple points, and a concealed strip scar.


• Goal: restore the hairline, fill in the temple points, and conceal the strip scar.
• Hair transplant repair using FUE; 2500 grafts of head hair to fill temple points, with a focus of nape hair along the hairline, 350 grafts of beard hair to fill the strip scar.

Surgery Results:

• Results shown in video and photos are at 4 years post-operation

Pretty amazing work, I must say. Oh and by the way Dr. Umar, the work you did on me is starting to look amazing as well, for the amount of donor I have. I can’t believe you only did 1000 FUE on me, 50/50 scalp and beard.

I will be sending you pictures soon. Can’t wait for the second procedure.

Thanks Sincerely,


P.S. This is not a plug for Dr. Umar… This is a sincere thank you. I am a severe, severe, repair patient, as bad as any of the worst case situations.

How many FUE grafts did he have at the other clinic? I say the donor is not bad, I can see some white dots but definitely not the worst I have seen.


Once again Dr. Umar has demonstrated he can get grafts to grow in and around older subpar work (as he did with me).

Kudos to the doc and patient.