2502 FIT (Non-strip) results - 9 months - WHTC\'s Dr. Patrick Mwamba

This patient pursued our clinic in hopes of obtaining a lower frontal hairline by Follicular Isolation technique. Similar to FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FIT involves harvesting hair in the donor area without use of a scalpel, knife, or stitches.

Patients who desire a less conservative frontal hairline are cautioned to consider medical therapy as hair loss can be a progressive condition. Understanding the nature of hair loss is important for all individuals who seek surgical hair restoration methods to treat their hair loss.

Dr. Patrick Mwamba,MD, successfully treated this forty-plus-year-old class III patient by transplanting 2502 FIT grafts in one session over multiple days. The hairline was established with single-hair grafts to maintain naturalness. The patient has medium caliber hair with above average donor density. At nine months post-op, this patient has already obtained significant coverage and has a more youthful appearance. The patient is satisfied with reaching the desired goal.

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