2500 fue armani 12 months post op not good

Armani 2500 Fue Results not very good

Didnt get the best results as you can see, and i did not have much loss before
hand, all i wanted was the temples filling, the clinc used 2500 grafts
and i feel i got about 50% growth and my hairline is very uneven. my pictures are 12 months post opp

The Armani clinic threatend to sue me for posting my pics on HTN but i was not swayed by that and they soon backed down.

i asked for a partail refund to go towards a repair but they refused

you can find a complete Armani story on HTN if you can be botherd to check it out;-)

2nd picture to show both the hairline and scaring.

3rd pic to mainly show scaring.

Here is what i looked like before Armani

I know there are supporters of the clinic and also haters so please let the pictures do the talking.

if you feel i should post some diffrent angle shots just reply and ask:-)