2015 Grafts (4651 Hairs) Via FUE with Dr. H. Rahal

This patient underwent FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with Dr. Rahal in February, 2019 and received 2015 grafts (4651 hairs). You can view his hair count breakdown below.

Patient’s Hair Loss Pattern and Progression

The patient was 33 years of age at the time of his hair transplant and started experiencing hair loss in his mid 20’s. His hairline recession and hair loss is slow and progressive.

Hair Loss Medication

The patient was not using any hair loss medication at the time of his hair transplant although he did start using Rogaine post-op. He also tried taking finasteride in 2018 but stopped taking it after one year for personal reasons.

Family History of Hair Loss

Norwood 5A and 6 patterns could be found on the paternal side.

Surgical Details

Graft Density: 42 FU/cm2
Hair Density: 110 Hairs/cm2
Average Hairs Per Graft: 2.3
Type of Surgery: FUE
Zones Treated 1 and 2

Hair Count Breakdown

1 Haired FUs - 302
2 Haired FUs - 874
3 Haired FUs - 755
4 Haired FUs - 84

Total Hairs: 4651


We will be presenting a video showcasing the patient’s results in the next day or two as well.

We look forward to your feedback.

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Rahal Hair Transplant

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Rahal Hair Transplant

Hello everyone. Please see the below video showcasing this patient’s excellent hair transplant results. He is very happy with his hairline as you can see below. Close-ups of his hairline are included as well.

Rahal Hair Transplant