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2000 Grafts 14 months results / vera clinic in turkey

Hey there,

I had my hair transplant surgery at Vera Clinic. After my FUE procedure in May 2022, which involved around 2000 grafts, I eagerly awaited the results. At 41 years old and with a Norwood 3-4 hair loss pattern, I was hopeful for a positive outcome.

Initially, everything seemed to be going smoothly, and I was confident in my decision. I refrained from using any hair loss medications, except for topical 5% minoxidil from month 2 onwards. However, around the 4-month mark, I started noticing areas on my mid-scalp and front hairline showing no growth. I remained optimistic, considering it was still early in the recovery process.

As months passed, my concerns grew as progress remained stagnant. By the 8-month mark, it became evident that a significant number of grafts had not taken as expected. Worried and unsure, I decided to visit my surgeon to discuss the situation. He was equally surprised by the lack of growth and offered a free second procedure. I appreciate the gesture but am contemplating my options.

Despite the challenges, I don’t want to discredit Vera Clinic’s efforts. Their team has been supportive throughout, and their willingness to address my concerns is commendable. I will take some time before making a final decision and hope for a successful outcome.

Turkia is have very experience and well qualified hair surgeon that’s why now most of the patient prefers to go the Turkia for hair loss treatment

That’s why i don’t trust those clinics in Turkey where techs do all the work without any Doctor involved

The procedure was carried out with professionalism and precision. It was impressive! The medical staff, let me tell you, knew their stuff and made sure I felt totally at ease during the surgery. They created such a calming and cozy atmosphere in the clinic facilities that even with my nerves, I felt pretty chill. By the way, Istanbul is a great city to see, so I even managed to do some sightseeing there! Overall, a fantastic experience at the clinic and in the city!

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