200 CIT & 200 BHT to the front line and strip scar treatment (Case S) @3yrs

Here is a patient who had strip hair transplant method performed many years ago. The patient’s goal and desire was to obtain any coverage in the linear scar. To treat the case, Dr. Cole transferred 200 scalp hair grafts and 200 body hair grafts to the front and scar. The attached video depicts the growth after several months of maturity. The lack of hair in the scar and the contrast in skin color makes the scar noticeable. A Trichophytic closure will still show if the donor area is shaved down low. This is just the apparent downside of strip. In strip, the donor area is decreased and the patient’s donor area is subject to the same disadvantages as a scalp reduction. This is why you rarely see strip donor photos with patients shaved down below a #2 guard. One millimeter strip scars are not very common. Regardless of the degree of hair loss, the primary goal of our patients is to achieve an undetectable hair transplant procedure with natural looking results. Our hats off to this patient!


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