2.5 Months After Hair Transplant: Hair Shedding? or Graft Dislodging? - Diamond Hair Clinic - Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

Shedding Of Transplanted Hair or Permanent Loss Of Hair Grafts In The Initial Months Following A Hair Transplant

The initial 2-3 months following hair transplant surgery are crucial for patients, marked by a common concern, the nature of hair shedding during this period. This is a transitional phase where the scalp adjusts to the new grafts, and understanding this process is essential for setting realistic expectations for patients. This phase often raises questions and anxieties about the success and outcomes of the procedure .

Recently, a hair transplant patient contacted Diamond Hair Clinic ‘s WhatsApp line to seek consultation regarding an issue they faced post-surgery. Almost 2.5 months ago , the patient underwent DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) procedure at a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, not at our clinic . This context is essential, as it highlights the variety of experiences and results patients may encounter depending on where they receive treatment, especially in the context of Turkey’s hair transplant industry, which is known for its different quality range of clinics .

So, in this case, there might be concerns about the quality of the hair transplant surgery, particularly the placement of the graft to the scalp, which could significantly impact graft survival.

The clinic where the patient underwent hair transplant surgery can be considered one of the hundreds of low-cost Turkish hair mills, operating 20-30 patients (or more) daily by solely technician teams without a hair restoration surgeon’s involvement . Such operations contrast sharply with the patient-centric, surgeon-led procedures that are the standard in more reputable clinics.

Such hair mill clinics, often focusing on quantity over quality , don’t provide the same level of care and expertise as surgeon-led clinics like Diamond Hair Clinic , where surgeon involvement is standard practice and operates just one patient a day. This disparity in clinic practices underlines the importance of thorough research and consideration when choosing a clinic for such a delicate procedure.

We prefer not to mention the clinic’s name here to respect privacy and legal boundaries. However, the issue at hand needs to be addressed. Focusing on the patient’s concern rather than the specific clinic is essential.