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£2,000 treatment to reverse hairloss by 30-40%?

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What are your thoughts on this, Roger? It’s obviously the sort of thing I HOPE is true. After watching the video, I can definitely point out one untruth: That the procedure is “pain free.” I’ve had enough needles poked into my head to verify that’s a lie! :grin: I mean, sure, the procedure itself is probably pain free, but numbing the scalp in order to have the procedure isn’t.

@RickH I doubt the procedure is completely pain free, but the amount of pain they’re talking about seems to be low. I believe the hair from this procedure cycles and lasts about 3-6 years before you have to go in and have it redone. Just to put it in perspective, i’m currently I’m using dermaroller on my scalp (both 1.5 alternating weekly with 1.0 mm needles) and the pain is very minimal. I have no problem doing this several times a week, why should we be afraid of a little bit of pain from cell extraction and injection once every 3 or 4 years?

Oh, I’m not saying we should be afraid of the pain. I’m just saying it’s not going to be “pain free.” I had a procedure that involved injecting PRP and Acell several years back. I expected to just have to endure the PRP and Acell shots, but, to my surprise, they numbed my scalp just as if I was going to have a HT. That numbing was no picnic and I couldn’t help but wonder if it would have been any more painful if they had skipped the numbing and just given me the shots with PRP and Acell. It was that procedure that I was thinking of when I was looking at the link above.
I’ve done the 1.5 microneedling, as well. Like you, I didn’t think the pain was all that bad. And it did seem to make my hair seem thicker somehow. Not more strands of hair, but thicker diameter hair. Maybe it was my imagination, though. I gave it up when I got some kind of cyst or something on my scalp. Do you do anything to prep your scalp before rolling? I didn’t and maybe that’s what caused the cyst (I’m calling it that, but really have no idea what it was. It went away on its own).

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