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15,000+ grafts - the new normal in hair transplant

Dear readers,
Never ask your doctor “How many grafts do I need?”, till you have asked:

“How many grafts have I lost?”

Its true that for years doctors have been artistically trying to create an illusion of a head of hair with much lesser number of grafts. But those are “transplants with limitations”.

You owe yourself some truths before you start transplanting hair on your scalp.

  1. The full head (before start of hairloss), contains approx 40,000 grafts.
    Just look at your head and honestly check whether you have lost 10%, 25%, 50% or 75% of your hair. Any person with a mirror/camera can do this. You do NOT need to depend on a doctor and definitely never a consultant/marketing agent to tell you this.

  2. Aim for 50-70% replacement atleast. Good doctors can acheive those densities.
    You can go for a smaller area to cover ( e.g. opt for a high hairline) to reduce the number of grafts.

  3. We can extract an average of 8,000-10,000 grafts in a single visit for most patients (barring people of oriental descent or those with thin beard). I have been showing such results for a long time and now some other doctors have also been doing the same.

  4. If you permit us to overharvest the beard, then we can get 15,000 grafts to cover the scalp in most patients in their lifetime.

So, it will not be wrong to say that for most people we can transplant 15,000 grafts to fill their head.

Dr A

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