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1410 grafts FUE - Dr.Keser

Dr.Keser presents one of his recent cases, 33 year-old patient. He received 1410 grafts. He has been taking finasteride for 6-7 years prior to this surgery.

The patient commented:

‘I am also fond of his approach. He’s involved in every single stage of the surgery himself, no technicians are even present at the clinic. Only his two nurses who assist him. They were absolutely delightful to me although there were some language barriers. He extracts no more than 700 grafts per day and has 1-2 patients per week. I’ve also never seen any kind of marketing coming out of Dr.Keser and his clinic. To me all this adds up to something that can be categorised as professionalism. He genuinely seems more interested in his patient’s end results rather than making good money of of people.’

‘Dr.Keser and staff all had very good patience with me and make me feel at ease. At the end of day 3 when implanting the last grafts, Dr.Keser had me sit up and walked around the bed board, so that he could watch the hairline from a different angle. Then I was told to lie back down and Dr.Keser walked back to his original position to fine-tune with another few grafts. This was repeated about 4-5 times and they even extracted a few more grafts. This actually made me feel quite reassured and like I was in good hands. I believe Dr.Keser is a perfectionist and an artist. The future end result will be the judge of that and I cross my fingers for everything to turn out fine and dandy.’









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