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1300 FUSE grafts in hairline (a repair) - 5 month update



5 months later

5 month later (wet hair)

Comparative pictures

We expect further improvement as it is early since his ht with us in March 2007.


Dear readers,
This is an intriguing case.

This young patient (Vyctor) underwent a fue surgery at another clinic before visiting us.

It amazes me how any doctor can claim to perform fue. Going ahead with an untrained doctor is a huge loss to the patient in terms of time, donor hair and expenses.

I will post pictures of this patient step by step to illustrate his history.

This is the front view in March 2007.

I have posted a copy of the above picture. The blue lines point to the “fue” grafts that were transplanted by another clinic over an year before March 07.
Vyctor cuts those hair so that they are not visible. The low density and low yield helps.

Similarly, the profiles.



Progressive intraoperative pictures (March 2007).




Wet hair pictures


Details of procedure in Aug 2007.
Type of grafts - FUSE/fue
No. of grafts - 1235 from the scalp.

The 3 grafts you see in the above pictures, in front of the marked hairline, are from the procedure the patient had at another clinic more than an year ago. We removed them in this procedure.


Excelent work as usual!!

Could you let us know the aprox density?

There seems to be a degree of change in the angulation from early post op to the 5 month period. The grafts seem to have shifted to a less acut angle. It’s not possible for me to sensible make this observation from pics but it never stopped me before.:stuck_out_tongue:


looks good for five months


» looks good for five months

looks ok i guess but it is definitley still early.