1000 FUHT with triclosure - (8 mth update) Dr. A\'s clinic

This one I picked from the archives. Miseed it last year.

Patient particulars
Nickname - Leo
1st HT - 1000 fuht grafts in hairline.
2nd HT - 1750 FUHT grafts in crown.

He had his 1st HT of 1000 FUHT grafts transplanted to the hairline.

Leo visited our clinic 8 months after his 1st HT for his 2nd HT.
These pictures are from that time.

(Why Leo chose to go for 2 HTs when the same could have been done in a single surgery ?! - His personal choice.) He wanted to see the results in the hairline area first and then proceed to the crown area.

Front picture of the hairline.

Top view - the transplanted and the pre existing hair are parted to show the overlapping.

The following picture shows the crown area that was transplanted in the 2nd HT (1750 grafts used).


Thats one of the best strip scars I have seen. No wonder the patient can keep a buzz cut even with strip.

wow, I´ll go for triclosure when another HT is necessary