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10 years into treatment with FIN and MIN and NIZ, but need your help

I nov 1996 I was 20 and diffuse thinning with minor recession. In a muscle magazine I found a european pharmace that was selling real proscar 5mg tablets and this website as a source. I ordered them and it changed my life. Combined the 1.25mg of proscar plys 1x daily 5% minoxidil at night and didnt really lose any more hair for 2 years… Then it very slowly started coming back… it has been slow and i have been a finasteride user for 10 years and minox for that time as well although once/day until rogaine 5% foam came out. I have been on that for 6 months basically twice daily, using it alone morning and night. I have seen serious acceleration in hair loss. I am still using proscar but I get the generic made by TEVA. I also have been shampooing with Nizoral off and on for 10 years. Overall, I feel like I would have been bald long ago if I never started. My younger brother is 4 years younger and almost bald. He never did any treatments as far as i know.

My hairline is a “V” shape now so I am trying to hold it and keep the bald spot from appearing in the back. I continue to diffuse front to back but it isnt noticeable “YET!”


Should I try PROMOX? I feel like what I am using is no longer working very well.

Is rogaine 5% foam a blessing or evil?

Should I switch back to name brand Proscar?

Please let me know

Foam has caused shedding/accelerated loss on many people. There was a thread on another site where many people reported this. Some stuck with it for 8+ months hoping for a turnaround that never happened. I also experienced this and finally dropped it. I think it is all a marketing scheme to increase sales because the application of foam is so much cleaner/easier than the liquid. In the end the stuff doesn’t work and seems to make matters worse for the majority of people who use it.

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