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Wound healing process + stem cells


the way i see it, follica and acell are both doing something very similar and are taking advantage of the active wound healing process…

this wound healing process liberates stem cells in the skin but is only active immediately after a wound has been caused and for a little while afterwards…

question: in acell’s sucessful dog experiments, how long after the wound was created was the acell process applied?

i dount it was very long after.

what i don’t quite understand about dr. jones’ acell idea to repair strip scars is, how long after the strip excision was done is he applying the excell?

is this being done on guys who have just had strips removed in his office, or on guys who have strip scars that are like 5 years old?

in my opinion, BIG difference, because just like follica and the dermabrasion, i would think u have to have an ACTIVE WOUND HEALING PROCESS going on, and that has to be immeditaley after the wound was created, or within weeks at the most. if u wait months or years, the active wound healing process is over and scar tissue has already been formed, which will not grow new hair…


Its obvious they use it on raw wounds. See the pics. You will see bleeding wounds on most of them