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Worst Experience Ever with Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu - Medistate

Hello, guys,

I’m going to start by telling you what happened this last week (July 2019), and then I’ll describe my experience starting with the hair transplant procedure that took place in April 2018.

I was recently in contact with Dr. Tayfun’s assistant, Mr. Nasimi Khalilzade, to arrange a second hair transplant session in order to fix an error in my hairline made by Dr. Tayfun on the first transplant. We had previously agreed that this second session would for free, and in exchange, I would have to delete my first post here on Bald Truth Talk where I described my experience with them. Well, it turns out that after I deleted the post they said the second session wouldn’t be for free (they offered me a 30% discount, but with hotel and transportation not included, so it wasn’t a real discount, and remember this second session is to fix the mistake they made on the first one).

This is just one example of how Mr. Nasimi and Dr. Tayfun are liars, dishonest and untrustworthy people, and throughout this post, I will show you with evidence why you shouldn’t, in any case, choose them for your hair transplant.

Now let’s go back to the first procedure. I chose Dr. Tayfun mainly because his team told me he would be the one doing most of the phases of the procedure. Meaning that Dr. Tayfun would do the opening of the channels. Then he would do the first half of the extraction of the grafts (second half would be performed by an assistant doctor). Implantation would be started by Dr. Tayfun and then finalized by the nurses.
Google Photos

In reality, Dr. Tayfun did not even half of the opening of the channels, then the nurses did the extraction while he was in the room supervising. And then Dr. Tayfun wasn’t even in the operation room during the implantation, not even when they finalized the procedure. I saw Dr. Tayfun again only on the way out when I was at the reception.

Right when I arrived at the hotel room after the procedure, I noticed the hairline was totally asymmetric. But after hours of operation with needles being stuck to my head a thousand times, I thought I wasn’t seeing things straight. On the next day at the clinic, they all said how perfect the transplant looked, so I went along with them and stopped asking myself about the hairline.

When I got home it was clear they’ve made a big mistake. So I took some pictures and sent to another Dr. Tayfun’s consultant, Mrs. Assia. Here they are:

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos

Well, not hard to see the hairline is very symmetric, right? Well, they kept telling me the hairline was perfect with no errors at all until they made me crazy. At that moment, I just needed them to acknowledge, but they are so dishonest that they failed to do that.

Google Photos

After losing my patience with them, a friend who went with me for a hair transplant at the same time continue to talk to them about my discontentment, and that’s when they told my friend that they would do a second session for free. When my friend told me about it didn’t even consider the idea because I didn’t want to have any business with them anymore. After a few months, I changed my mind, I thought they really wanted to fix their mistake, and since it would be for free, why not?

Here’s when they offered me the free session:


And here’s when they confirmed the free session but with the condition that my post should be removed.

Google Photos

Google Photos

And here’s when they changed their minds and said they would charge me for the second session. To be honest, I don’t think they changed their minds, this was their plan all along.

Google Photos

Dr. Tayfun is such a liar to the point that when I was in the middle of the procedure and I noticed he wasn’t the one doing the opening of the channels because I could hear his voice very far from me, I asked them “who’s taking over the procedure now?”. Then Dr. Tayfun came back near me and said “why you ask that? It’s been me the whole time”. They are liars and treat you like you’re very dumb.

I must say that the hair they transplanted looks just ok. I wouldn’t complain if they hadn’t made a mistake with the hairline and hadn’t tried to convince me that everything was normal. And I wouldn’t be writing this review if they hadn’t been so dishonest with me. Therefore, I really don’t want anyone else to have the same bad experience with them.

My friend will also write a bad review because all of their lies, and especially because his results are very bad. Most of the transplanted hair didn’t grow, and a large part of this donor area hasn’t recovered, and hair hasn’t grown again.

Please, stay away from Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu from Medistate in Istanbul.

Lets see some pictures from the April 2018 result.


Hello Dear Members of the Forum,

To start with, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nasimi Khalilzada. I am one of the patient coordinators of Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu and I have been doing this job for more than 3 years. In our entire experience with Dr. Tayfun we have had a few similar cases before and we exactly know how to deal with them. Consequently, we showed Mr. Saulo many times that we are not insensitive people and we could solve the problem within the standards we know. However, Mr. Saulo continued accusing us of all what happened and reduced all the chances to solve the problem. First, I would like to give brief explanations to all Mr. Saul’s statements he shared above:

  1. We confirm that we offered him the second session for free. Usually, if patient starts complaining about the results straight after the hair operation we try to give clear and easily understandable explanations and keep the communication on a good level in order to avoid misunderstandings. We let the patient know that we are concerned about what makes him worried and we never leave him alone face to face with the problem. We think about all possible solutions and ready to offer at least one if not more, till patient feels satisfied. Free second session is one of the latest options we would recommend. We do it only if we really find mistakes connected to the job of the medical team and if we really do not see any realistic explanation about what patient experiences. The case with Mr. Saulo was absolutely different. He did not want to listen Dr. Tayfun’s recommendations and explanations and continuously was complaining that the frontal hair line was asymmetric. I explained him that it is normal to have some asymmetry straight after the operation and almost all patients have the similar thing. The swelling and redness after the operation are the actual reasons of the temporary asymmetry (it stays for a short time). As Mr. Saulo was not accepting any explanation we decided to offer him a free session. But it could be implemented only if the frontal hair line would still stay asymmetric after 1 year and if Mr. Saulo would not be happy due to this matter. We promised to find a solution for the problem if he could give us a chance and if he would not share a negative review on internet (you can see these conversation in the picture Mr. Saulo attached to his review). I tried to explain him that it is necessary to analyze the case from different aspects and to understand each other. But that was unsuccessful.

  2. Mr. Saulo accuses us of being liars, dishonest and untrustworthy people. However, we did what had been promised. It is true that beside Dr. Tayfun we have other doctors working in our clinic (please check the link https://drthair.com/our-doctors/). They are the qualified members of our team and have certificates from international organizations. You can see in the screenshots attached by Mr. Saulo that we provided information about how the operation would happen and that Dr. Tayfun would be assisted by assistants. The main parts of his operation, opening incisions and extraction were done by Dr. Tayfun. The implantation was done by certified nurses under Dr. Tayfun’s supervision. Mr. Saulo read that message and accepted what we offered him. But now he is complaining about the procedure and accuses us of being liars.

  3. The next day after the procedure Mr. Saulo and his friend had a long consultation with Dr. Tayfun and they actually could tell him all their complaints. He could mention that the line was asymmetric. He was supposed to do it on that day. However he did not. Miscommunication between him and us started from that point.

  4. Now I would like to ask Mr. Saulo to answer my question about why he deleted his first bad review on this forum despite the fact that he knew we are liars and dishonest people? I mean he knew that we are liars and it would be better not to believe us anymore. I think Mr. Saulo would not give a true answer for this question. So I want to answer it myself. He deleted that review about us because a few months after the procedure he understood that it had been a wrong decision to share it on the forum. He understood that the frontal hair line was getting better by time and it actually was not asymmetric. Finally he started realizing that the result would be good. But at the same time he was thinking about the free session, because he knew that he would need a second session (Young patients may need second operation as the hair loss remains active. We provide an informative document to our patients about that and they sign it before the procedure starts. Mr. Saulo signed it in the hospital). He is a young patient and he is still losing hair. Thus, the free session we offered, seemed to be useless in the beginning but started being attractive a few months later. But Mr. Saulo forgot that we are not stupid people. That bad review made some problems for us. But even then we did not reply to his review on the forum. Because we did not want to hurry to justify ourselves. We decided to wait one year until we get the final results and then we could show him that he was wrong about the frontal hair line. Now we have pictures as a proof and we can surely comment his second bad review.

  5. Dear Members of the forum, we all know well that the reason why you are here is to share your experience with others who want to have hair transplant operation. When you write about your positive experience you want to show people that they can choose the same doctor and be happy. When you write a bad review you want to show your dissatisfaction and you do not want other people to have the same experience and to be sad. In his first bad review Mr. Saulo was calling people to stay away from Dr. Tayfun. He was thinking that he was doing good for people, because he was trying to change their opinions about Dr. Tayfun by showing him as a liar. He was sure that we are liars. Did not he want to warn people and to keep them away from us? But why he deleted his review after couple of months? Most probably he would not give an honest answer to this question too. Therefore I am answering this question here. Mr. Saulo knows very well that he did wrong when he shared his first bad review. Actually he was lying to people about how Dr. Tayfun is bad. He could not keep his emotions under control and wanted to damage the doctor’s reputation. Later he decided to delete his first bad review and try to get that free session from us.

  6. In conclusion I would like to say that it is better to give the real facts and show Mr. Saulo’s before and after pictures. It is better to expose the facts than to accuse others of something. Please see Mr. Saulos before and after pictures in the attachment below. Thank you All! https://photos.app.goo.gl/g3asxPrvDTm4AeQQ9

There is no such thing as symmetry with hairlines. This is because of a few reasons, one of which being that we don’t have symmetrical faces. So since measurements for hairlines are made relative to facial dimensions, symmetry isn’t possible.

In this case, a second procedure would need to bring the one side of the scalp more forward as that is another major cause of such outcomes. I had this done in my first repair procedure in 2002 and the hairline was VERY similar to the hairline here. There just wasn’t enough grafts to bring my right side more forward than it was and even today, there is some asymmetry to be seen when my hairline is analyzed. Here is a shot of my first repair from 2002 to show what I mean.

This isn’t because of any fault of the surgeon, it’s just the way these things work out and while the asymmetry can be reduced, it can never fully be resolve. And to even try to bring one side more forward, and to even things up more, will take a lot of hair.

Saulo Could you share your new photos ? I am so sad for your situation.

Unfortunately you will cary this asymmetric hairline on your face during all your life.
This is their fault. Obviously they drew your hairline asymmetrically. This is clear.
When I read your post I scared a lot of because I plan to go to Turkey for my hair transplant operation and I want to choose right hair transplant surgeon.

Thanks for your sharings.