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Which do you prefer?


When it comes to hair loss, what do you think is a better hair restoration option?

(1) medications
(2) laser
(3) serums
(4) hair transplant


Hair Transplant is better


Hair transplants and treatments, that’s what i did here in Portugal at MasterGroup hair clinic, because you always have to do treatments after the transplant.


Meds definitely first for a year at least to gauge effectiveness. That is with doctor approval.

Hair restoration only if necessary + if your donor permits and if your physiology can take it. If you take this route then make sure a very ethical and professional surgical protocol is followed to maximize graft survival.


Hair Transplant is good but you should consult an expert and should opt for the one which is beneficial.There are many factors like reason of hair fall, medications and laser effects on you.


Thank you for all your responses. I took your your advice and I asked professional help. Went to Dr. Andrew Kim of the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration. He is my first stop. Does anyone know more about him? Or do you have any hair transplant surgeons in mind you can suggest?


Hair transplant is best treatment because ,hair transplant give you natural hair, If you are going for hair transplant then FUE and FUT any technique you can select. After hair transplant you will get best result then other treatment. Hair transplant is best technique for hair loss treatment.


Hair Transplant is better than other & it is the best way to restore your hair.


Dr Ray Woods in Sydney.