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Whats a complete POST OP natural hair loss/maintenace regimen?


Hey all;

Ive been reading a bit about natural stuff used in a hair loss/maintenace regimen but there is so much stuff!!!

Any advice??

I am scared of propecia/proscar because of the sex drive loss side effect and hell no i dont want that to happen!!! lol

Am I paranoid and scared for nothing?

And are there good natural products with good track records/proof of results.

From hair growth to loss/maintenace whats a complete natural regiment to be on POST OP/for the future.

Plus… is taking a full complete regime worth it? whats the costs? Would it be cheaper to just bank all that coin and buy further grafts at an HT clinic?

Thanks for your help



This board has a lot more feedback on the natural topics
and is a bit more varied in the regimens, check it out also, and bookmark it


thanks hangin

Well appreciated