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Whatever happened to Tsuji?

I haven’t heard anything about his technology in 6 months to a year. It’s like he fell off the Earth or something. There used to be reports that his tech would hit the market in 2020 and now it appears clinical trials utilizing his technology haven’t even started yet. Has anyone heard anything new from his team?

Just saw some news on Youtube that Dr Tsuji has resigned as a director of Organ Technologies. That news was given to the Youtube vlogger “Hairliciously” in an email on April 1st (and I don’t think the Japanese play April Fools jokes). But they said he remains an advisor to the company.

I don’t know what this means – it could be very bad news (maybe he’s given up with the work for some reason like it wasn’t working as he thought, or he had problems with the Japanese government regulators?) or possibly good news (maybe he’s going to start his own company to commercialize the tech?)

The same vlogger then contacted Riken, the senior partner in the project, to ask about Dr Tsuji, and received no response.

It sounds like bad news to me. Most of us were counting on Tsuji but that project might be dead now.

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If he developed a technology to make new follicles it won’t be dead. That’s has to be worth hundreds of millions if it works. I wonder if he has ever appeared at an ISHRS conference. Have you researched to see if he has opened his own office?

It does sound like bad news. The fact that he can’t be contacted at Organ Technologies or Riken is weird. On the other hand he and his hair regeneration project are still listed on the Riken site. The Japanese are very strict about protocol, if the hair project had been terminated by Riken then I think his pages would have been taken down. To answer @fordham I have researched a bit and I see nothing that indicates Dr Tsuji has formed his own company.

Whatever happened to that Turkish billionaire Osman Kibar and his biotech firm Samumed who claimed to have a baldness cure “ready to go” after his Phase 3 trials?

I just went to Samumed’s website. It indicates that its drug for androgenetic alopecia is well into phase three testing.

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Thank you Fordham. Kibar is putting billion$ behind his firm’s research. So unlike a lot of the other programs, his won’t be hurting for funds.

As the company is in phase 3, there must be a fair amount of evidence that the drug works. I believe the drug is focused on using the wnt pathway.

Thanks again for the updates. Has anyone ever considered Synthetic Hair Implants (with Biofiber). It looks like real hair but it’s not. It’s actually implanted in the scalp one strand at a time. Lasts about 2 or 3 years before they start to fall out. Seems like an infection risk to me. Although the practitioners say there is none if done properly. It could be a temporary solution if it really works.

It could destroy your scalp and then no hair loss treatment could cure you. It could even kill you.

I’ve read about these fake hair implants and they’re dangerous.

It’s aggravating that we can’t get more news from Team Tsuji. I’m hearing nothing new about his efforts.

Thanks Jarjarbinx. Yes… I saw the process on video. It does look dangerous to me. I think that’s why the procedure is illegal in the US.

The first clinic/doctor to try putting fake hairs under the scalp was a US doctor named Underwood. Other clinics started trying it too. Even the clinics that had some success had awful failures too. There were allergic reactions, immunological reactions, infections, including brain infections. People died. Some were horrifically disfigured. Some people had to have their scalps removed and replaced with skin from other parts of their body. Last I heard the FEDS want to prosecute Underwood and he’s hiding out in the Caribbean somewhere. Underwood had the procedure performed on himself which shows he honestly believed the procedure could be done safely. It also shows he must be kind of crazy for a doctor.

I used to have an acquaintance who said he worked for Underwood himself. He said Underwood was a drug addict. He said he knew a multi-millionaire who got the procedure done. He said the millionaire who got the procedure done never leaves his residence. He had food and everything else delivered. He had his residence set up for amusement with amusement-like things to do. He had women visit him at his place. He had a fumigation chamber at the entries of his residence. The interior of his home is set-up to keep germs out by having seals at the entry door of each room. He takes multiple showers each day, uses special soaps and shampoos, and he has his entire house fumigated frequently.

The guy I used to know who told me all of this had some brochures from Underwood’s clinic and he specifically had brochures about the Underwood Hair Insertion Method so I believe it when he said he worked for Underwood himself.

Oh thats so sad

Thankyou for the information I was thinking abt it but now I think I’ll go for hair transplant

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