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Whatever Happened To Marco?

For the old-timers on this forum, you’ll probably remember Marco, he was a prolific poster here who had a mega session that did not end well, he developed necrosis. Has anyone heard from him or know how he is doing these days? Wondering if he get things sorted out.

Communicated a while back. Wish that guy the best. But that was large piece of necrotic tissue that formed. His head was strip and fue at same time i think. Lots of impacted tissue. It’s unfortunate but I don’t think he’s doing that well. There was some censoring too due to certain powers if im not mistaken.

Definitely was an avid well rounded intelligent poster. Quite active and all. His friends are extremely worried about his situation though. There was a site his concerned friends made reference: http://sandrag99.blogspot.com/?m=1

Marco and I had many vigorous exchanges on the forum.

Check the archives…we went back and forth over and over.

I warned him against the mega session deal. At times the exchange became a little personal and there was some animosity.

Now, he cant say much because of the watertight legal disclaimers from the surgeon, and that especially includes the social media clause.

Every week I see guys who had megasessions from top heavily advertised clinics and wound up with a slither of hairline and a wiped out donor.
If you see "top’ Clinics providing only pics, without close up , comb through video proof, then send those poor guys an old I phone or samsung…otherwise its the same old comb over pic trick .

I ask of these innumerable mess ups…" say something…post those pathetic results…" But no one will, apart from a few brave souls willing to take on the globalised legal system…they know its an ant fighting a gorilla.

I have never had disclaimers for almost 28 years…I am and always and will be at full disclosure. I only provide video and comb through…

Now I make it clear…Marco , online, didnt like me, and I didnt like him…

Check the archive exchanges

I have seen his latest photos and it will take a great effort, but I promise I can make it much better

Hearing of what he is going through is painful to everyone who interacted on the forums.

I am willing to help Marco, but its up to him…

Dr Ray Woods

Dr Woods are you saying patients have to sign gag orders before they can get a hair transplant in US / Canada?

Yes, of course he is, often times multiple pages of gag orders. It’s true. I remember Marco being one of the most informed people on the forum on hair transplants, the guy had done so much research and approached it like it was an advanced calculus test question, and I believe he just tried to do too much, too soon. He should have never done such a large session all at once, and I’m not even sure the doctor wanted to do this, I believe it was Marco’s idea.

Are we talking about the same thing? Not to be confused with consent forms though, consent forms are inevitable for any medical procedures , just so that the patient acknowledges that there are risks involved. But gag orders are when clinics prohibit patients from going public with bad results.

Marco was censored…or gagged… which ever way you want to put it.

Look through the archives of his llast few posts…he made it clear he couldnt talk.

Before going for any procedure and being told " its just routine" ,read the fine print.

you may be surprised

And remember, signing on the day can be legally challenged…there was not enough time to understand or comprehend as you are being drugged up , paid the money , and being thrown on the slab.

nothing personal, its just business.

Dr Ray Woods

You’re correct, I think most consent forms have stipulations that if you do discuss your results online negatively the doctor has the right to discuss your medical results as well. I can’t blame them for having you sign this, the problem begins when you do discuss negative results and are threatened with legal action.

Dr Woods, you are like the only doctor I heard of that does not use disclaimers. Do you ever visit the US? It would be nice to meet you.

Sometimes I wonder how these disclaimers work, i heard juries can give a rats ass about them. One lawyer gave an example, if a woman was sexually assaulted or raped, then a guy had her sign a waiver to not hold him responsible and to hush up, but federal law considers it a crime and extortion, federal laws will supercede and still hold tge guy accountable. So, in the case of scalp damage, your scalp and face is ruined aka assaulted raped, yet you are told your not getting any fix or repair or refund if you dont agree to these concocted terms, you sign as you are disfigured and then you still aren’t fixed due to undisclosed scalp damage caused, that is extortion and fraud and still a crime. Especially if you sufferred years of abuse. No judge, jury, news channel will side with the doc. It is how you present your side and the additional traumas behind it apparently. And who you report it to. That is key—- esp if you report concerns to businesses that do businesses with the doc as well.

Marco, I know you are reading this— hope you are ok. Obviously, it is not easy to go through this. Some folks wish something. I wish you the best. Right now, for some folks, FML is the feeling.

If you are interested in going to Dr. Woods’ clinic, you will have a great medical experience there. He practices what he preaches. As an additional benefit, you will enjoy spending time in Australia. The people are friendly and there are lots of interesting places to visit in Sydney and Melbourne and Cairns and Alice Springs and Perth, etc. Just watch out for the crocs.

In the 1950s till the sixties there was a practice called FRONTAL LOBOTOMY

Some neurosurgeon , got the idea that to treat depression, anxiety, homosexuality , drug addiction etc was to to take what is basically an ice pick, a hammer, and slam it between the eyes, or just above, and separate the brain hemispheres ,
simple, quick procedure.

It became " standard of care"… everyone was doing it…a legal cover…and countless souls were butchered and brain damaged in the process.

The doctor who started this recieved awards, prices, accolades and applause from the neurosurgical
community…he was a hero

Until the people responded, with good doctors backing them…it was banned,

But under the ’ STANDARD OF CARE" law, legally, hundreds of thousands were brain damaged. legally.

I can tell many more stories, but no time

In HT, you sign a document that things may go horrribly wrong. despite the best efforts of the doctor covered by the BS " STANDARD OF CARE"

They know what they are doing, they know its dangerous, but what the hey, they are covered by the stanard of care clause…everyone in the world is doing it,…except me…so go for it.

And if it goes wrong, dont blame the doctor on social media , or its YOU, who will be sued

Marco knows this, as do countless others I have seen

Dr Ray Woods


I will be planning to come to the USA soon

In particular I want to see Rassman and Bernstein…in person.

Go through the archives …both attacked me publicly online since 2000, calling FUE a inferior method to strip excision

But now , on google , they are taking credit for FUE

I appeal to anyone out there to call out this fraud,

Actually. I just am trying to stop the tsunami of of harm and damage created by the FUE BHT phenonemon which I created.

My critics say I kept a secret…No Secret… Just sit on your but for many hours , under 25 power magnification , every follicle iintact , viable , no production line, and get it right

Dr Woods

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I know someone who sent to see Dr. Bernstein for a FUE consultation and Dr. Bernstein talked him into doing a strip instead saying that because he only needed about 500 grafts the strip scar would be small, nothing to worry about.

Remind me of my colonoscopy, mountain of papers to sign 15 mins before the procedure. They could have given me the paperwork at consultation and ask me to bring the signed papers back on the day of the procedure, but they chose to overwhelm me the day of the procedure. Disgusting.

I don’t see what confronting Rassman and Bernstein is going to accomplish, the HT industry is littered with charlatans, con artists and just plain bad doctors, and it seems that unsuspecting patients will always be the victims in this learning curve of FUE/BHT reaching the preferred method of harvesting grafts. I do have the highest respect for you Dr. Woods, and don’t think you have ever needed to justify anything to anyone. One can go mad chasing all the bad actors in this industry.

In 1988, Dr Bob Limmer came up with the idea to dissect a strip using stereoscopic microscopes…a radical idea at the time, and the usual suspects, Rassman and Bernstein jumped in and started taking credit.

In 2000, Bernstein was active on the forums criticising quite openly how FUE was inferior to strip.

At a seminar, 2002, in the Beverley Hills Writers Guild Hall ,LA, I spoke openly about FUE, and BHT.

I ended with showing how taking leg hair from a woman is a good way to reconstruct eye brows…This was light years ahead of what anyone ever heard of…At which point Rassman lost it and physically confronted me…My NYC Lawyer was present and I received an apology outside the hall , on the street , infront of a crowd,

At the 2005 ISHRS conference in Sydney, Rassman gave a talk, denigrating FUE, and stating that " only a few kangaroos in the outback are doing it"…referring to me

Now, on GOOGLE, , they claim that they , Rassman and Bernstein , , came up with the FUE concept, in 1993, which would revolutionise the industry.

Wow…Everyone in this industry knows its not true

I have gone quiet on the internet, because since it began, I was fighting for the cause, But I got to say all I could say, do all I could do, , …and now ,I just concentrate on my patients and constantly improve

I would love to see those two, and stair them in the eye balls, present the documentation, and demand a withdrawal of those google comments

Sadly, it would probably be a waste of time.

The rewriting of history is nothing knew. Others in this industry are also doing it

Be aware

My hopes and prayers for Marco

Dr Ray Woods

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Dr Woods, did most of the docs learn bht/fue from you? Any names in the US?

I do not think most docs can achieve high yield for bht, beard hair grafts. Some have tried nape hair but it also looks poor in terms of yield.

It would be nice to meet you when you visit. Read what you wrote, some surprising stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Marco, when asked about your situation, was told you

I know what I wrote and stand by it

Go to the archives and see how I warned Marco

I am willing to help, it will be long and difficult , But I have repaired worse

One way or another, I am busy repairing production line devastation from turkey and indiia

And it would be nice to meet you…we leave our six shooters and shot guns at the sherifs

see you in the saloon…first shot of cheap whiskey is on me

Dr Woods