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What level hairless is this? Any hope?



Depending on what your goals are and the strength of your donor region, you may be able to have a hair restoration procedure for the frontal region and mid scalp. This would be if your donor region is sufficient.

It would be a good idea to consider getting on hair loss medications (Minoxidil and Finataeride) to keep what existing hair you have left up top, as well as keeping your donor region strong so you do not progress to a Norwood 7.


I don’t care as much about the rear, more in framing the face, although both would be preferable.

Why do you think the frontal regions only?

Too much hair loss to cover the entire head?

Would PRP help maintain? Can’t use finasteride.

Is nape hair acceptable? And how do you tell donor area?


Your donor region is the back of your head and the sides, around your ears where grafts can be taken from.

You have a lot of area to cover. It may be possible for you to have a hair restoration for the frontal region to restore your hairline and mid scalp, then have a 2nd procedure for your crown to achieve light coverage for the crown which would give you a thinning look for the crown. Nape hair and Body hair may be a possibility for the crown for a 2nd procedure as well.

However, without seeing your donor region it is impossible to tell if you can achieve crown coverage.


Would a picture of donor area give you an idea?


If you post multiple pictures of your donor region you would receive more valuable input from some of the serious posters on here.

Another way to go is an online consultation with some different clinics. An online consultation can be a great starting point if you are considering a hair restoration, it is free and can be done from your own home. Submit photos of your hair loss to the top hair restoration surgeons / clinics in the U.S. for a complimentary online evaluation. Have consultations with a few clinics.


I suggest that you go to a certified surgeon, or surgeons, if necessary. Don’t settle on asking one hair transplant surgeon alone. Learn what your options are, and the best way to do this is to approach more than one. This will help you find a surgeon who has the same brand of aesthetics as you.


I agree and I think :point_up_2:will help you understand what a good clinic needs
Also go through the patient gallery at www. fusehair.com
Ht has increased in scope.
Dr. A


Please don’t forget to send pix of beard and robust body donor hair.


For analysis can you post picture of the donor area (the back part of your head).

Dr. Arslan Musbeh



Please send your clear pictures of beard and robust body hair to "contact@fusehair.com" for donor evaluation.

Dr A’s Clinic