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What im worried about in first generation HM *speculation*


dr. kemp says “propecia and minoxidil will still play a role when HM comes out”. so i guess that means that they cant “save” the hair from DHT with the HM procedure.

what i hoped for was that HM could reform follicles on your head to be resistent against dht. seems not to be like that. :frowning: i hoped that i could save my hair forever with first generation of hm. then i coulda got a transplant in addition and had hair for my life. ohhh no. i guess it wont be like this :(.

though they even say “hm hairs are from the donor and are resistent to dht”. so what now?

i hope i and all the other guys who still have hair are lucky and they will be able to make all your hair resistent. i mean im very sorry for guys who are completley bald at the moment because for them first generation of hm wont probably be an option in any way. because…well…you saw the numbers…what does it help to have on a bald scalp 100 % more hair…if you got 3 hairs that makes 6 hairs…great!

anyway, later HM generations will solve that problem , im sure. it will just need some more years (maybe 5??? :wink: )

anyway, at the moment its pure speculation. if you know more about this toppic or have interesting thoughts or other information, please post!