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What Does a Transplant Really Cost?

What is the cost of hair transplant these days? And which procedure is the best and cheap FUE or FUT?

It depends actually. I have just heard that Prince Williams of England is planning to have one for 50.000 GBP!

In Europe, it is around €5000. Turkey can be a good choice for you to check. 70% cheaper than Europe and very high quality!

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Do your research brother. The cost of hair transplants can differ extremely depending on the Doctor and location. VERY IMPORTANT - Cheaper isn’t always better! Different countries have different laws and controls.
FUT and FUE offer different positives and negatives. The market has changed a lot in the last 5+ years and FUE definitely is in more demand nowadays which I think is correct. FUE is generally more expensive than FUT. Price will also of course depend on how many grafts are necessary.
Be careful with clever marketing on social media looking to target vulnerable guys. In the last week alone I have seen 3 different Turkish clinics passing of results from the US based clinics as their own. Do you research brother. Online consults with the best docs, speak with past patients.

Patient Advisor for Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece

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I would strongly recommend FUSE/fue instead of FUT strip.
99% of our patients are opting for fue since we lowered our prices having seen so many patients needing repair.

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Some important points to remember before selecting hair transplant doctor/ARTIST are:-

  1. Result speaks louder than words.
    Always go to the result gallery and see the genuinity of results.
  2. Do not just go with the cheap price. Quality in hair transplant is a must which is an ART of a surgeon and cannot be learnt from youtube videos or 2 days seminar. It requires proper training and hands on.
    email :- Contact@fusehair.com
  3. Meet the past patients if possible who have gone through the procedure. See live results if the pictures are not satisfactory or photoshopped.
  4. https://hairsite.com/delhi-gurgaon-mumbai/dr-a-hair-clinic/
  5. GOOD NEWS for aspiring patients!
    Dr. A’s Clinic is offering some good discounts on hair transplant procedure as an occasion of HOLI Festival- “Festival of Colors”.
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Total hair transplant cost depends on required grafts, 40 rupees per grafts is the normal cost of hair transplant.So, you can calculate the cost according to the required grafts.

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Hair transplant cost depends on the level of baldness. More the level of baldness, more you need grafts to conceal your baldness. Also, the cost varies according to the city location. Hence hair transplant cost = cost of one graft (location specific) * number of grafts requires

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Ive seen good results on guys who paid premium and good results on guys who paid $1 a graft.

At the end of the day, it is a doctors ethics and surgical protocol that dictates how good the work will be on your scalp. Whether you pay $1 or $8 per graft. Be careful of bogus marketing and read surgical consents (request them first thing) before you put down a reserve deposit. Good luck

The cost of hair transplant varies from person to person. It is due to the reasons that hair transplant cost depends on different factors that may change for different people. The hair transplant professionals use these variable factors to calculate the total cost of the treatment.
In general, the treatment cost depends on the number of hair to be implanted, the technique used to perform it, the size of the hair treatment area, the location of the clinic, the quality of service, and expertise of the surgeon. The cost is normally reasonable but the results are remarkable.

SeanFUE is correct…never pay a cent until you read the contract, and fine print well in advance.

Never trust before and after stills…in this day and age thats silly …and shady

And if video is presented, be careful…scrutinise and if it is over produced and too slick, watch closely …all you need is a comb, and thorough close ups showing not just the hairline…but all that was done to account for the ridiculous numbers quoted…reminds me of slick commercials selling a crap car

By the way, what does a car really cost ?

Dr Woods

The cost of hair transplants can differ extremely depending on the Doctor and location and also Depends on which techniques are using FUE or FUT