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We need to get the dali llama involved


he needs to be the figurehead of our Global Consortium…

if he could be our public voice… we could tell him, hey Salvador, imagine how popular and powerful you could be if u had a full head of hair! who likes a hairless llama?

with a full blown head of thick black hair i mean he would look like a motherf-ckin Tibetan Elvis! he would rule Tibet again and he could crush his enemies!! Hahahahahaha!!!



lol yes, but the Dali Lama has two things we don’t

  1. inner peace.
  2. patience: he will eventually reincarnate as someone with a full head of hair.




that guy is probably more interested in M-Foundation…u know…make it through next 10-20 years of his life than a head full of hair. :stuck_out_tongue:


Confucious say: “one with shiny scalp have hair on mice within 5 years”